How to get all Graph PowerShell SDK modules required to run selected code using PowerShell

How to get all Graph PowerShell SDK modules required to run selected code using PowerShell


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In my previous article, I've shown you, how to get the permissions required to run selected PowerShell code. Today I will focus on getting Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK modules.

The official Find-MgGraphCommand function, which retrieves the parent module for Graph Mg* commands, is undoubtedly beneficial. However, the task of extracting all these commands (including those for direct Graph API calls) from analyzed code, remains a challenging and tedious process.

Let's meet my PowerShell function Get-CodeGraphModuleDependency (part of the module MSGraphStuff) that solves all these issues.


Function Get-CodeGraphModuleDependency gets Graph PowerShell SDK modules that are needed to run selected code.

Under the hood, it uses my other, more universal function Get-CodeDependency (part of DependencySearch module) that returns all code dependencies by analyzing its AST and doing some other magic, to search for all official Mg* commands (like Get-MgUser, ...).

When Mg* commands are extracted, an official Find-MgGraphCommand command is used to get their hosting SDK modules.

Get-CodeGraphModuleDependency is part of the module MSGraphStuff.

Main features

  • Extracts all official Mg* Graph commands from the given code and returns their parent PowerShell SDK modules

    • returns Microsoft.Graph.Users module for Get-MgUser, Microsoft.Graph.Identity.DirectoryManagement for Update-MgDevice, ...
  • Extracts and returns explicitly imported PowerShell SDK modules

    • returns Microsoft.Graph.Users in case of Import-Module Microsoft.Graph.Users
  • Supports recursive search across all code dependencies

    • so you can get the complete modules list not just for the code itself, but for all its dependencies too

The output of the Get-CodeGraphModuleDependency

If we send the function results to Out-GridView to get a graphical representation, we can get results similar to this ๐Ÿ‘‡

As you can see there are several properties returned for each found module:

  • Name - name of the Graph SDK module that is needed

  • Version - version (if specified) of the Graph SDK module that is needed

    • for example when Import-Module with RequiredVersion parameter is used
  • RequiredBy - the original code line where the command that requires this module was found

  • DependencyPath - the whole path to the found command

    • useful when using goDeep parameter to understand where the command was found

Use cases

The following examples will be made against this test code

Can be downloaded from GitHub Gist.

Return Graph PowerShell SDK modules required by selected code

The following code will return only modules directly required by code in the selected script.

If there are some indirect dependencies (like calling another function that invokes some Graph commands itself), they won't be returned!

Get-CodeGraphModuleDependency -scriptPath C:\scripts\someGraphRelatedCode2.ps1 | ogv

The result will look like this ๐Ÿ‘‡

When you compare the result with the test code you can notice that:

  • unrelated commands like Get-Process are ignored

  • specified module version in line with Import-Module gets its way to Version property

  • each module is returned only once hence Microsoft.GraphApplications is returned for Get-MgApplication, but not for Update-MgApplication

    • to change this, use the switch allOccurrences

Return ALL Graph PowerShell SDK modules required by selected code and its dependencies

The following code will return all modules required by the code in the selected script, no matter if the module was needed in the code itself, or in the called functions, etc.

Get-CodeGraphModuleDependency -scriptPath C:\scripts\someGraphRelatedCode2.ps1 -goDeep | ogv

As you can see there are some new results returned. Those two new results belong to 3rd party function Remove-O365OrphanedMailbox that is being called in the test script. And thanks to goDeep parameter it was now searched for the dependencies too.

Use the VERBOSE parameter when calling Get-CodeGraphPermissionRequirement to get more details about what is going on under the hood

Now that you know how to use this function don't be afraid to test it against your code. Hopefully, this will help you on your Graph API journey ๐Ÿ‘

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