Convert Intune MDMDiagReport.html to PowerShell object

Convert Intune MDMDiagReport.html to PowerShell object


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Part two of this series is available

Part three (final) of this series is available and it is huge ๐Ÿ˜Ž!

In our company, we are using Intune for device management for more than a year. For this whole time, when I was debugging some Intune policy on the client, I was missing tools like gpresult or rsop known from GPO world. The lack of such tools makes debugging a pain in the ass from my point of view.

Now I finally decided to create a PowerShell function(s) that will:

  • gather local clients data (registry + logs + MDMDiagReport.html and MDMDiagReport.xml reports)
  • gather policies deployed to device/user from Intune portal
    • individual settings included
  • merge both local and portal data together and return the result
  • the resultant object should contain:
    • name of the policy in Intune portal
    • if the policy was processed and when
    • last policy processing exit code
    • ???

In case you know about any existing solution, please let me know to prevent reinventing the wheel :)

What I have so far is a function ConvertFrom-MDMDiagReport for converting MDMDiagReport.html Intune report to PowerShell object. When this function is being called:

  • it tries to open "C:\Users\Public\Documents\MDMDiagnostics\MDMDiagReport.html"
    • if MDMDiagReport.html doesn't exist, the function will call builtin MdmDiagnosticsTool.exe to create it
  • HTML tables will be extracted and converted to PowerShell objects using my (improved) _convertFromHTMLTable function
    • object with report tables as property names (with an underscore instead of spaces) and content of such tables as property values will be returned

Function _convertFromHTMLTable can be extracted and used for converting any HTML table from any HTML response object or local file.

ConvertFrom-MDMDiagReport results:

  • How 'Device Info' table looks like converted: image.png

  • How some filtering over 'Managed policies' table looks like: image.png


The easiest part is done. Thanks to ConvertFrom-MDMDiagReport I am able to programmatically access the content of the MDMDiagReport.html file.

Now I will probably look into MDMDiagReport.xml and IntuneBackupAndRestore module to find links between Intune and client policies to be able to translate policies GUIDs to their names.

Stay tuned ๐Ÿ‘

Part two of this series is already available!

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